UTAMER – International Society Research Center

Our Team
President – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Korkud Aydın (Kırıkkale University)
Board Member – Prof. Dr. Mustafa Müjdeci (Kırıkkale University)
Board Member – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ökkeş Narinç (Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University)
Board Member – Dr. Lecturer Cemal Karadaş (İnönü University)
Board Member – Dr. Lecturer Şıhmehmet Yiğit (Korkutata University)
Board Member – Dr. Lecturer Fatih Kaya (İnönü University)
Board Member – Instructor Abdülkadir Akkurt (Kırıkkale University)

UTAMER emerged in 2020 as a project team, bringing together 20 academics from various universities in Turkey. This team, while conducting scientific research, also organized symposiums and panels to facilitate the gathering of scientists. In 2021, our team started working to establish a non-governmental organization. UTAMER was officially founded as a non-governmental organization in February 2022.

Our project team initially organized the International Congress of Ankara in 2021 (icofankara.org). After gaining official non-governmental organization status, in 2022, we collaborated with Erzurum Atatürk University to organize the International Social Research Congress. Additionally, in the same year, an online symposium was completed in Ankara (utakankara.com). (You can find information about the symposiums held in Erzurum and Ankara at the same address.)

UTAMER has organized various panels on topics such as history, international relations, and education. Panels on subjects like “Turkey’s Security and Borders,” “Turkistan Legion During World War II,” and “The Armenian Issue” serve as examples of our work. Moreover, the official website of the center features analysis articles on international relations written by our team members.

UTAMER continues its efforts for the International Social Research Congress to be held in October 2023 and the scientific meetings titled “International Congress of Society and Science” to be held in December 2023. Currently, a “microhistory” themed article competition is also being managed.

In 2024, our center is preparing to hold two workshops titled “The Middle East Through the Eyes of Youth” and “Current Issues in Education in Turkey.” Furthermore, in 2024, our center aims to launch two peer-reviewed scientific journals in the fields of social sciences and education sciences. The ESAR – Education and Social Sciences Research Journal, which is currently in its 4th year of publication, is being published by Center President Mehmet Korkud Aydın and the scientists working within the center (www.esardergi.com).

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